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If your payment at checkout fails or doesnt go through. Email or message me on telegram @solecandids

shoeless is always better

Take a look at the best amateur photography where you can unleash the beast!

This site is dedicated to one membership called everything is yours and that is because every content that has to do with amateur and candid feet will be yours. In the shop section there will be sets and bundles that the evrytbing is yours membership does not have.

What to expect:

Lots of videos and friends from snapchat and omegle. Along with candids Ive gotten in the past. All amateur.

How it works

Once you have purchased the everything is yours in the plans and pricing page. You will have access to all the pages in the memberships tab. There should be a drop down menu off all the pages I have created.


Some of the models youll find in the everyhting is yours membership!


No refunds

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